Faulconer Energy

Acquires oil and gas production and participates in the drilling of wells

Experience the highest quality of maintenance and enhanced well production

Welcome to Faulconer Energy LLC

Faulconer Energy LLC is a privately held energy company that specializes in the acquisition and production of oil and gas wells.  Faulconer Energy also participates, as a non-operator, in the drilling of wells.  We are primarily located in Texas, but we look at projects in New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Our Services


Primarily located in Texas, we look at projects in New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Business Development

We maintain an inventory of desirable leasehold acreage available for development.

Owner Relations

Our department is ready to answer your inquiries and facilitate transfers of interest.

Our Vision

As a company, we believe our current and future success depends on a highly motivated and skilled employee team, a sound strategic acquisitions program and the best application of efficient recovery methods.

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Breaux Bridge


Oklahoma City